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My Frequency Cheat Sheet

Posted in Radios with tags , on December 31, 2018 by KE0PBR

Updated 9/11/21

A few people have asked for my frequency cheat sheet for the linear sats. So I just decided to post it here for everyone.  Here is the download =>ke0pbr-freq-cheat-sheet 12-14-22 (12/14/22 I added CAS-5)

I use this to quickly “find myself” on the linear sats. How I do this is fairly simple, at least in my simple mind.

Here is an example using FO-29, with full duplex, but I think this process could work for simplex ops too.

Each sat has 6 rows, the first 5 are for UHF Doppler adjustments, the last is for VHF:

  1. AOS
  2. 1/2 way between AOS and mid pass
  3. Mid Pass (No Doppler (also green)
  4. 1/2 way between LOS and Mid Pass
  5. LOS
  6. The last row is the 2 Meter non Doppler adjusted frequency (Also Green)

Each satellite, also has columns that range the entire passband, so this can be used across the full spectrum of frequencies.

When I loose myself, I see how far into the pass I am. For this example I will assume the satellite is just past mid pass or a little over halfway done.

I first adjust my VHF to one the closest VHF frequency (lowest green bar) lets say 145.960. Then since the sat is just past mid, I set the UHF at the frequency for mid pass, in this case 435.840. Since we are past mid, I know that I must adjust the UHF frequency lower, because that’s the next line down on the cheat sheet. as I move the frequency down, I know I will hear myself shortly.

One thing to remember, the sats with a red bar on the left of the frequencies Doppler goes down, if there is no red bar, Doppler correction goes up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



Excel Version:ke0pbr-freq-cheat-sheet 12-14-22

PDF Version: Freq Cheat Sheet 12-31-21