Submitting Data to the GridMasterHeatMap

There are many ways to submit data and be part of the Heat Map project, first let’s start with what data I need for the HeatMap.

The basics:

  • The grid activated
  • Who activated that grid
  • Your call.


With these bits of data, we can provide lots of good information, some of which are: The HeatMap itself, a list of who needs a grid and a list of who activated a grid

How do I submit the data? The below list starts with what is easiest for me to get data into the HeatMap.

  1. Just send me your most up to date GridMaster excel sheet. Send the whole thing, I will use what I need, and delete the rest. Don’t know where to get the GridMaster sheet? Just click here. If you dont want to send the whole sheet, just sent the tab labeled “Confirmed in LOTW.
  2. The other version for the GridMaster sheet is in google docs. To get a base version just click here. Once you have that version, you can give me rights to the spreadsheet. You just need to send me an email when you want me to update the HeatMap with your data. If you dont feel comfortable giving me access to the full doc, then see option #3.
  3. If you don’t use either of these tools, a LOTW copy and paste into an email works great too. Although not as easy as the other two methods, it gets the job done. How do I do that you ask? In LOTW, Go to your VUCC page, click on ‘All Credits’, ‘Select VUCC Award to View’, then cut paste the Grid Square table into an email and send to me.(coincidentally the same instructions that are used to fill in the GridMaster sheets. Thanks Robert for the instructions.)LOTW DOwnload


That’s it, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email. Just use my QRZ email. (me = KE0PBR)


I look forward to making the heat map even better with your data. The rovers need to know where to go. Thanks!


2 Responses to “Submitting Data to the GridMasterHeatMap”

  1. Doug, NUA Says:

    How about a link to the latest gridmaster heat map?

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